Made with Love

Some of our best memories growing up are of our mom cooking something yummy for the family. It was how she showed her love. Crafting our favorites like Samosas and Lamb Curry were often all day cooking sessions. We bring that same time and care into our food at NaanStop. That’s how our mom taught us, and we think it tastes better that way.

It’s why we slow-cook our Punjabi Dal for 18 hours. Our fire-grilled Chicken Tikka is marinated overnight and our Lamb Curry is braised for 4 hours. Our naan is rolled out by hand and baked fresh in a 600 degree tandoor oven. We mash up fresh potatoes for our mom’s Samosas and the crust is made from scratch. And, if you see a funny looking one, take a picture! And know its because we wrapped each one by hand.

We believe in using high quality ingredients, like our hormone-free, antibiotic-free, halal chicken and buying local and organic when possible. Each one of our chutneys is made daily with fresh cilantro, mint, chillies, garlic, and whole organic yogurt.

We love our mom’s cooking and we think you will too.

Drop by one of our locations, order online for pick-up or delivery, or let us cater your next event, now.